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Manhattan Institute

With your Adam Smith Society membership, you are also given access to Manhattan Institute membership benefits. To understand how Smith Soc and the Manhattan Institute are related and what the reciprocal benefits are, see below.

What is the Manhattan Institute?

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (MI) is a leading free-market think tank, dedicated to the advancement of ideas that foster economic choice and individual responsibility. We develop innovative ideas on a vast array of topics including urban policy, energy and the environment, healthcare, education, legal reform, crime, race, economics, and culture at large. You can find our fellows’ work in major publications across the United States. Unlike many other think tanks, MI is located outside of D.C. – giving us a unique vantage point in our nation’s business capital, New York.

How is the Adam Smith Society connected to the Manhattan Institute?

The Adam Smith Society is a project of the Manhattan Institute. Apart from our work in policy research, MI also has a vested interest reaching the next generation. We do this through a series of initiatives, including our MI on Campus program and New York’s Young Leaders Circle (YLC), but the largest of our next-generation initiatives is the Adam Smith Society. 

How does reciprocal membership between the two work?

With a Smith Soc membership at the $1,000 level or higher, you are also entitled to the corresponding MI membership. For example, if you are an Executive Member of Smith Soc ($1,000), you will also receive all the benefits of a Benefactor level ($1,000) membership with MI. At all levels, your login information will work for both sites.

What benefits are there?

  • Events: MI hosts various events and conferences, mainly in New York City and Washington, D.C. and, depending on your membership level, you will be invited to attend. Members at the $5,000 level and above also have the opportunity to attend MI’s annual black-tie events, such as the Wriston Lecture, and the Alexander Hamilton Award Dinner
  • Research: Through an MI website account, Smith Soc members will receive access to the research and commentary authored by MI fellows. General members and above also receive a complimentary subscription to City Journal, the Manhattan Institute’s quarterly magazine, which is widely regarded as one of the nation’s premier publications for public policy, investigative journalism, and cultural affairs. Leadership Circle and Advisory members will also receive complimentary copies of all new books written by Manhattan Institute authors.

I live/work in New York City. Does my Adam Smith Society membership correlate with a Young Leader’s Circle Membership?

Separate memberships are required for the Adam Smith Society and the Young Leader’s Circle. As a member of the Adam Smith Society, you will receive a $50 discount on your YLC yearly membership. 



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