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Capitalism & the Modern Appeal of Socialism


Capitalism & the Modern Appeal of Socialism

Austin Professional
James Otteson & Samara Klar
Mar 3, 2016 6:00pm — 9:00pm Austin, TX
Thursday Mar 3
Thursday Mar 3 2016
PAST EVENT Thursday Mar 3 2016

On Thursday, March 3rd, the Adam Smith Society’s Austin Professional Chapter will host a salon dinner discussion on Capitalism and the Modern Appeal of Socialism. 

Our guest discussants for the evening will be Professor James Otteson of Wake Forest University and Professor Samara Klar of the University of Arizona.

Our conversation will be wide ranging. We will begin with a discussion about the moral ideals socialism champions: equality, fairness, and community. Are these ideals important enough to warrant dramatic and even radical attempts to implement them? What are the alleged moral failings of capitalism that fuel these ideals? From there, we will turn to the current election season. What is the source of the appeal of heretofore "fringe" candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? In supporting these candidates, how concerned are voters with the moral values of socialism and capitalism? How informed are voters about the political and moral terms they are using?

This invitation is non-transferrable and does not include a plus one. If you are interested in bringing a guest, please contact Molly Harsh (

Reception will begin at 5:00 PM; Dinner to follow at 6:00 PM.


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