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Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Member

I want to join. What do I need to do?

Becoming a member is easy. Simply visit our membership page, choose a membership level, and proceed through the payment screens to complete your enrollment. (You’ll be prompted to log in to your existing account or register for an account if you don’t already have one on our website.)


Why should I become a member?

The Adam Smith Society is a growing network of intellectual business students and professionals who energetically espouse the virtues of the free market. Smith Soc membership immediately gives you access to this community. Whether it’s interacting with the nation’s top business leaders, networking with future champions of capitalism, or engaging in dynamic and thoughtful public-policy debates, Smith Soc has something for everyone interested in the open exchange of ideas. Visit our membership page to learn more about exclusive benefits afforded by an Adam Smith Society membership.

I’m already a member of my local student chapter. Why should I upgrade to paid membership?

Paid membership opens up a wide range of additional benefits that would not otherwise be available to local student chapter members. You’ll be able to attend national events—like our annual National Meeting—apply to destination-based activities, network with our growing network of MBA students and business professionals, and much more.  Visit our membership page to learn more about the benefits that a national membership can offer.

I’m already a member. How do I renew?

Simply log in to your account, visit our membership page, and click on the membership level at which you would like to renew. After completing the payment screens, you can continue enjoying the benefits of paid membership.

Can I choose to upgrade my membership at a later date?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any time.  Simply log in to your account and visit our membership page. You’ll see the various membership levels listed, along with the additional payment required to upgrade to that level. Click on the level in which you’re interested and then complete the registration process to finalize your upgrade. Please be aware that the expiration date for your original membership will still apply to your upgraded membership.

What is the term of my membership?

A Student Membership ($10/year) expires on June 30 of the year following the date when you sign up. All other memberships expire one year from the date of registration. When you sign up, the expiration date for your membership will display on the payment confirmation screen.

I’m still a student but would like to sign up at a higher level. Is that possible?

Absolutely! We welcome our student members to join at any level. By electing a higher membership level, students will enjoy even more exclusive benefits (please refer to our membership one-pager). Students living near cities where we have professional chapters are strongly encouraged to consider a General membership or above to have access to both local and off-campus programming, among other perks.

I wasn’t a part of the Adam Smith Society on-campus/I don’t have an MBA. Can I still join?


If you are passionate about the advancement of free-market principles and the open exchange of ideas, you are welcome to join as a General member (or above).

However, student-level memberships ($10/year) are open only to students who are currently enrolled in a graduate business school with an Adam Smith Society chapter.

What happens if I graduate but don’t upgrade at the General level or above?

Upon graduation, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to the General level or above. You can do this by logging into your account, visiting our membership page, and clicking on the membership level to which you would like to upgrade.

If you don’t upgrade, you’ll still receive the Smith Soc newsletter, but you’ll lose access to our network of business leaders  and our exclusive programming (annual conference, treks, etc.).

I live outside the U.S. How can I join?

If you reside outside the United States, you can join the Adam Smith Society using the same process as members within the United States. Please click here to join!


Who can attend on-campus/student chapter events?

Adam Smith Society on-campus/student events are open to local student members and paid national Student-level members, as well as other invited guests of each individual student chapter (partner clubs, local alumni, other segments of your program or university, etc.).

Being a member of your local student chapter is free of charge, unless your MBA program requires club dues. However, national Adam Smith Society programming, including the annual National Meeting in New York City and Smith Soc treks, will be open only to members at the Student level and above (starting at $10/year).

Who can attend professional chapter events?

We have active professional chapters in several major cities. Click here to view our list of professional chapters.

Members who enroll at the Premium level ($250/year) and above can attend any professional chapter event throughout the year—in any city—at no additional cost. (Please note that attendance for these events is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot guarantee spots at any specific event, but Premium members and above will be given wait-list priority.)

General members ($50/year) may elect to receive invitations to professional chapter events by city. However, General members are required to upgrade their membership or pay an additional $25 fee for each professional chapter event they attend—with spots available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Can I bring a guest to an Adam Smith Society professional chapter event?

Due to limited seating, guests are only permitted on a paid, space-available basis. If seats are available, a $25 admission fee will be required. Members at the Executive level ($1,000) and above may bring one guest at no charge to professional chapter events.

I live in one city but travel a lot for work. Can I go to events in other cities?

All of our premier members (General level and above) can elect to receive invitations to events in any/all of our professional cities. When you complete your membership profile, select the cities for which you would like to receive event invitations. At the Premium level ($250/year) and above, you can attend events in any city at no additional cost. At the General level, there is an additional $25 per-event fee.

I graduated but will be located in a city without an Adam Smith Society professional chapter. Is there a level for me?

Our General level ($50/year) will allow you to join our professional network and ensure that you receive invitations to all regional, national, and global programming, such as the National Meeting and Smith Soc treks. You will also have access to any other program initiatives that we introduce in the future.


I want to start a chapter of the Adam Smith Society in the city where I live/at my business school. How can I do that?

To learn more about starting a new Smith Soc chapter, please contact our program office.

What is the Manhattan Institute? How is my Adam Smith Society membership related to the Manhattan Institute?

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (MI) is the parent organization of the Adam Smith Society. It’s a national, public-policy think tank in New York City. At the Premium level ($250/year) and above, your membership with the Adam Smith Society is reciprocal with membership at the Manhattan Institute, giving you access to the Manhattan Institute’s events, scholarly research, and publications. Everyone at the Premium ($250) level and above will be eligible to receive a copy of City Journal, MI’s signature quarterly publication. To learn more about the relationship between the Adam Smith Society and the Manhattan Institute, click here.

I live/work in New York City. Does the Manhattan Institute have additional opportunities for young professionals?

Yes, at the Premium level ($250/year) and above, Adam Smith Society members are eligible to join MI’s Young Leaders Circle. YLC members enjoy exclusive monthly cocktail parties and the opportunity to interact with the country’s top policy minds and business leaders. YLC draws speakers like Rupert Murdoch, Cliff Asness, John Crowley, and Robert Steele, as well as hundreds of New York’s young professionals. Membership in YLC is not limited to those in business school, and events take place exclusively in New York City. Contact if you have any questions about this program.

Can I deduct the cost of membership from my taxes? How does this work?

The Adam Smith Society is a project of the Manhattan Institute, a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations and membership fees to the Adam Smith Society must be made payable to the Manhattan Institute (this is automatic if you join via the website). Contributions to MI, and therefore the Adam Smith Society, are tax-deductible in the United States. Membership dues are considered a donation. However, all goods and services you receive from the Adam Smith Society during the year must be deducted from your contribution before you declare the donation on your U.S. taxes.

At year-end, you will receive a letter from the Manhattan Institute, informing you of the costs of goods and services you have received from the Adam Smith Society. It will include the costs of dinners, publications, etc. This amount must be deducted from the amount you report as “membership dues” on your taxes.

If you have questions, please contact our program office. Manhattan Institute’s EIN # is 13-2912529.


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