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National Membership: Frequently Asked Questions



I’m already a member. Why should I upgrade to a National Membership?

Thank you for your commitment to Smith Soc! When we started the Adam Smith Society in 2011, all membership levels and benefits were free-of-charge. However, our phenomenal growth—2017 saw us expand to 36 chapters and more than 6,500 students and alumni in our network—means that our National and Professional events can no longer accommodate non-paying members. To gain exclusive benefits and access to non-campus events, enroll in the membership tier that works best for you. Check out our new membership levels here

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Do I have to re-enroll if I’m already a member? Do I need to create a new profile?

No – If you have already registered for our website, your profile and login information will remain the same. Once logged in, please visit our membership page to select your member level.

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Why membership dues? Why now?

We’ve been fortunate enough to build an excellent base of more than 6,500 elite, market-minded MBA student and alumni members. As we continue to grow, paid membership levels are the next step—allowing you to solidify your commitment to the Adam Smith Society and giving us the resources needed to ensure quality programming and enduring opportunities for our members. 

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I want to join. What do I need to do?

To get started, you need to log in to your existing account or register for an account if you don't already have one on our website. Within one business day, you will be notified of your account approval. Once you log in, you can sign up for your desired membership level and begin enjoying the benefits of membership. 

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Who can attend on-campus/student chapter events?

Adam Smith Society on-campus/student events are open to Student Local Members and Student National Members, as well as other invited guests of each individual student chapter (partner clubs, local alumni, other segments of your MBA program or university, etc.).

Student Local Membership is free of charge, unless your MBA program requires club dues. However, Adam Smith Society National programming, including the annual National Meeting in NYC and the Smith Soc Treks, will only be open to Student National Members ($10/year).

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Who can attend professional chapter events? 

We have active professional chapters in six major cities: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York City, and San Francisco. In each city, our local host committees put together thoughtful programming for Smith Soc alumni members, local MBAs, and like-minded professionals.

Members who enroll at the Premium level ($250) and up can register to attend any professional chapter events throughout the year—in any city—at no additional cost. Please note that attendance for these events is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot guarantee spots at any specific event, but Premium Members and above will be given registration preference.

General Members ($50) may elect to receive invitations to professional chapter events by city. General members are required to upgrade their membership or pay an additional $40 event fee for each professional chapter event they attend, with spots available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

If you are interested in upgrading your membership, please contact Elizabeth Maynard, Smith Soc Development Associate.

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I’m still a student, but I am interested in signing up for a professional membership. Can I sign up at a professional level?

Yes, we welcome our student members to join our network at any level. We strongly encourage students living near Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, and San Francisco to consider a Premium membership. Joining our professional network will give you access to additional programming in your city, and opportunities to network with Smith Soc alumni and local businessmen and women.

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Can I bring a guest to an Adam Smith Society professional chapter event?

Members who join at the Executive level ($1,000) and above may bring a guest to a professional chapter event. Exceptions will be made on a limited, case-by-case basis that is up to the discretion of the host committee and the Adam Smith Society program officers.

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I want to refer a colleague or classmate to the Adam Smith Society. How do I do that?

To refer a new member, you must fill out a referral form

All referred members are welcome to register for a website account. Once we have received and approved the referral form, they will be granted access to the website and instructed to choose a membership level.

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I wasn’t a part of the Adam Smith Society on-campus/I don’t have an MBA. Can I still join?

Yes – there are a few ways you can do this.

If you have an MBA from a business school where we have an Adam Smith Society chapter, or if you have an MBA from another university, you may be eligible for membership. If you do not have an MBA, you will need to be referred by a current Adam Smith Society professional member (see the above for referral instructions). All professional memberships are subject to approval by the Adam Smith Society National Office.

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I graduated, but am not headed to a city with an Adam Smith Society professional chapter. Is there a level for me?

Our General level ($50) will allow you to join our professional network and ensure you receive invitations to all of our regional and national programming, such as the National Meeting and Smith Soc Treks. You will also have access to any other national-level programming we introduce in the future.

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want to start a chapter of the Adam Smith Society in the city where I live/at my business school. How can I do that?

To learn more about starting a new professional chapter, please contact the National Office

To discuss founding a Smith Soc chapter at your business school, please contact Jane Menton. Before contacting us, we recommend familiarizing yourself with your school’s procedures for starting a new club.

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What happens if I graduate, but don’t sign up for professional membership?

In this case, you will still receive our weekly newsletter and retain a profile on the website. However, you will not be invited to attend any Adam Smith Society Professional or National events. 

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I live in one city, but travel a lot for work. Can I go to events in other cities?

All of our professional members can elect to receive invitations to events in any/all of our professional cities. When you fill out your membership profile, select the cities for which you would like to receive event invitations. At the Premium level ($250) and above, you can attend events in any city at no additional cost. At the General level, there is an additional $40 event fee.

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Who can I talk to about events in my cities?

Your local host committee is a great resource. They are happy to talk to you about events. One of our program office staff or the national membership coordinator would be happy to put you in touch with the host committee in your city.

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Who do I talk to about National Membership?

For questions regarding benefits or payments, please contact Elizabeth Maynard, Smith Soc Development AssociateFor any programming-related questions, please contact Molly Harsh.

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What is the Manhattan Institute? How is my Adam Smith Society membership related to the Manhattan Institute?

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (MI) is the parent organization of the Adam Smith Society. It’s a national, public policy think tank in New York City. At the Executive level ($1,000) and above, your membership with the Adam Smith Society is reciprocal with membership at the Manhattan Institute, giving you access to the Manhattan Institute’s events, scholarly research, and publications. Everyone at the General ($50) level and above will be eligible to receive a copy of City Journal, MI’s signature quarterly publication. To learn more about the relationship between the Adam Smith Society and the Manhattan Institute, click here.

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I live/work in New York City. Does the Manhattan Institute have additional opportunities for young professionals?

Yes, Adam Smith Society members can join MI’s Young Leaders Circle at a discounted rate. YLC members enjoy exclusive monthly cocktail parties and the opportunity to interact with the country’s top policy minds and business leaders. YLC draws speakers like Rupert Murdoch, Rudy Giuliani, and Alan Dershowitz – as well as hundreds of New York’s young professionals. Adam Smith Society members receive $50 off their YLC membership! Membership in YLC is not limited to those in business, and events take place exclusively in New York City.

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Can I deduct the cost of membership from my taxes? How does this work?

The Adam Smith Society is a project of the Manhattan Institute, a qualified 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations and membership fees to the Adam Smith Society must be made payable to the Manhattan Institute (this is automatic if you donate on the website). Contributions to MI, and therefore the Adam Smith Society, are tax deductible. Membership dues are considered a donation. However, all goods and services you receive from the Adam Smith Society during the year must be deducted from your contribution before you declare the donation on your taxes.

At year-end, you will receive a letter from the Manhattan Institute, informing you of the costs of goods and services you have received from the Adam Smith Society. It will include the costs of dinners, publications, etc. This amount must be deducted from your membership dues.

If you have questions, contact Elizabeth Maynard, Smith Soc Development Associate. Manhattan Institute’s EIN # is 13-2912529.

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