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National Meeting Chapter Awards Criteria

Best New Student Chapter

  • Establishment. The chapter works with the Adam Smith Society National Office to formally establish a chapter on campus. The chapter has ascertained and followed any rules set by its home university for establishing a student club in order to be officially recognized. Chapters must have launched after last year's National Meeting. 
  • Launch. The chapter plans, organizes, and conducts a launch event, in coordination with the National Office. The event should actively build momentum for chapter growth and promote the role of the Adam Smith Society on campus.
  • Leadership. The chapter formally selects and confirms a leadership team and provides for the team’s succession. The structure of and personnel selected for the leadership team actively contributes to the club’s success.
  • Presence. The chapter, via both traditional and innovative methods of marketing and communication, establishes a presence on its campus and within its MBA program and promotes a variety of events and programs.
  • Growth. Between launch and the conclusion of the chapter’s rst year, the chapter demonstrates growth through both membership recruitment and the organization of a robust calendar of events.

Student Chapter of the Year

  • Growth. The chapter demonstrates continued growth from launch in terms of membership and attendance at events.
  • Engagement. The chapter is an active part of the life of current MBA classes, as well as the campus at large. The chapter makes efforts to connect with allied student groups within the business school and beyond to help host a robust slate of events and build membership.
  • Innovation. The chapter works to move beyond the minimum chapter requirements as spelled out by the National Office in the Chapter Handbook. The chapter reaches beyond the standard event template to create events that increase engagement among MBA students and the campus community. The chapter encourages members to engage the campus community outside of events to promote the Smith Soc message and mission. The chapter shows a willingness to utilize new and non-traditional modes of marketing and communication to increase its presence.
  • Leadership and Legacy. The chapter successfully transitions from one leadership team to another, and has in place a succession process. The current and future leadership teams are poised to contribute to the success of the chapter. The chapter engages with faculty and maintains faculty and administrative support for the organization. The chapter is on sound footing to be a vibrant part of campus and MBA life into the future.

Professional Chapter of the Year

  • Growth: The host committee engages with SmithSoc alumni and members of their city’s broader community to grow the chapter’s network and expand membership.
  • Creativity: The host committee is creative about new ways to communicate and connect with current and potential members, and thinks entrepreneurially about future speakers or event formats.
  • Engagement: The host committee takes advantage of national programming opportunities like treks and the national meeting, and encourages their chapter members to do the same.

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