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The American economy is no longer growing as it once did. From the end of World War II through 1980, the GDP of the United States grew 3.3 percent each year on average. In the 35 years that followed, GDP growth fell, yet there was enormous technological innovation, including the emergence of venture capital, the personal computer, the Internet, and the iPhone. High-growth, high-technology firms now account for one-fifth of the value of U.S.

March 2017

Smith Soc Treks, the Adam Smith Society's ongoing series of weekend-long, destination-based seminars, opened our Spring 2017 program this past weekend. From March 9th through 12th, a select group of Smith Soc student and professional members met with experts in the field of health care policy. With a program entitled, "Rebooting Health Care," the Treks series embraced a timely topic: discussions recently began in Congress and in the media over the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA).

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October 2016

There seems to be no escaping debates at the moment. While the just-concluded Presidential Debates have been on the mind of most Americans during the month of October, Smith Soc chapters have taken the debate format and used it to highlight issues and discussions that matter to free market-minded business school students. Multiple chapters have taken on issues as wide-ranging as the relationship between the market and government, the viability of a carbon tax, and the implications of the Brexit vote.


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