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Free Markets Open Minds

The Adam Smith Society brings together students and professionals to discuss and debate the contributions of the free market to advancing human flourishing and opportunity for all.
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History & Philosophy

Understanding both the ideas and the stories behind free markets.

From Adam Smith and Alexander Hamilton, to F.A. Hayek and Milton Friedman, to the leading scholars of today…Smith Soc members are focused on both classical and modern ideas about economics and liberty.

What Adam Smith Knew

Moral Lessons on Capitalism from Its Greatest Champions and Fiercest Opponents James R. Otteson (ed.) Edited by the Executive Director of the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism at Wake Forest, the official reader of the Adam Smith Society provides perspectives on free market thought through readings on the nature, purpose, and effects of capitalism. In addition to Adam Smith himself, the selections gathered here include essays and excerpts by thinkers ranging from Locke and Rousseau to Hayek and Cass Sunstein.

The Theory of Moral Sentiments

6th Edition Adam Smith Adam Smith's first major work focuses heavily on ethics, arguing that our morality is rooted deeply in our nature. The Theory of Moral Sentiments lays the groundwork for Adam Smith's later work including his most well-known, the Wealth of Nations. Attendees on the upcoming Smith Soc Trek will read excerpts from both of Smith's seminal works.

Public Policy

Exploring how governments, regulators, and businesses shape markets and industries.

Taxes, monetary policy, income inequality, fiscal policy, elections, healthcare, energy…Smith Soc taps into multiple networks to bring experts and thought leaders, executives and politicians, together with our members to enlighten and connect.

Inflation: Clear Challenges, Bold Solutions

Inflation is a major challenge facing our society—one that impacts all of our daily lives. Here are some resources from Manhattan Institute fellows and Adam Smith Society speakers that help explain what led to the situation we’re in, and what policy steps hold the most promise for getting the economy under control.

What Free Markets Can Do for the Energy Sector

As energy prices rise, some in Washington, D.C., are looking to renewable energy to soften price increases. Are green subsidies a good way to help the environment? Are carbon emissions worth taxing, as some believe? Here are some free-market perspectives on these issues.

Big Tech, Antitrust, and Democracy

Concern has been growing across the political spectrum about the power and influence of Big Tech—on everything from its censoring speech to quashing competition. Is Big Tech really the problem that it’s portrayed to be? Is it one that government is best positioned to solve?


Learning to lead organizations of all sectors and sizes while keeping the free market in the forefront.

In local, self-governing chapters as well as at our nationally-organized retreats, Smith Soc’s members learn leadership practices directly from proven, established figures in the business world as well as from each other.

Home is Where the Start-Ups Are

Paul Martino brings Silicon Valley acumen back to Philly Philadelphia Inquirer The story of how Paul Martino found success in Silicon Valley, but returned home to Philadelphia for family...and to help fund local start-ups via his firm, Bullpen Capital.

Hoop Dreams

Stephen Trauber's Basketball Passion Wall Street Journal This WSJ story tells how successful Citi energy banker Stephen Trauber gives back to the community by supporting programs and scholarships for young basketball players.


Business Leader Cliff Asness Cliff S. Asness, founder of AQR Capital Management and our 2018 Principled Leadership award recipient, shares his perspective on markets, economics, and life in this series of blog posts.

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