2018 Milstein Fellowship

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In honor of Howard P. Milstein, an American businessman, philanthropist, and supporter of our mission, we are excited to once again name a Howard P. Milstein Fellow at the 2018 National Meeting. A winning essay will incorporate the shared philosophies of Howard Milstein, the Manhattan Institute, and the Adam Smith Society - the centrality of free markets to American culture, and the benefits of commerce for a thriving society.

This fellowship will be awarded to the first or second-year MBA student member who authors the winning essay in response to the prompt available below.

**Applications are now closed.**

Award Details

The Howard P. Milstein Fellow will receive:

  • $1,000 cash prize
  • Their essay published by the Manhattan Institute and featured on the Adam Smith Society website
  • 100% travel scholarship to all National Events (including the 2018 National Meeting)

Contest Details

Only first-year MBA Students are eligible for this fellowship

  • March 10, 2018: All essay submissions due
  • April 20-21, 2018: Winner announced at the National Meeting

Essay Prompt

In approximately 500 words, please respond to the below.

Some predict that the rise of artificial intelligence and automation will lead to an unprecedented disruption of the labor market. These changes have the potential to leave large numbers of people not just unemployed, but unemployable, in that there will no longer be productive work for them to do. Do businesses - which profit from technological innovation - have a moral responsibility to respond to such a disruption? Do they owe anything to their employees or society beyond the fulfillment of their responsibilities to their shareholders and customers? Does the CEO have a moral or ethical obligation to manage the introduction and use of innovative technology if it appears this even will lead to job loss and adverse effects on society?