The Adam Smith Society is made possible by the generosity of our donors: foundations, individuals, and business leaders who believe in our mission -- to inform and connect MBA students and alumni across America who want to understand and educate others about free markets and the moral and philosophical underpinnings of capitalism.

Support of the Adam Smith Society comes in many forms, including:

  • Direct donations
  • Sponsorship of events for students and alumni
  • Speaking to, mentoring, or advising student and alumni members

The Adam Smith Society constantly seeks the support of those who can contribute both intellectual and financial capital to our enterprise. We need patrons who can speak about their own experiences in the business world, as well as those willing to donate the indispensable resources that underwrite chapters, national events, and other programming.

If you are interested in supporting the Adam Smith Society through a donation, please visit our Membership page, where you can easily make a gift that will support Adam Smith Society programming and our mission. Your support, whether in lieu of or in addition to membership, is deeply appreciated.

Do you have any questions about supporting the Adam Smith Society? If so, please contact Paul Shakeshaft at the Manhattan Institute at 212-599-7000 or via e-mail.