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Readers' Roundtable: John List

Monday May 2022
John List
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Why do public policy solutions often fail to meet the lofty expectations of lawmakers? In an energetic new work, The Voltage Effect, University of Chicago economist John List investigates what makes a policy agenda succeed. Join one of the nation’s most respected and prolific economists, with over 200 research publications to his name, for a discussion on a topic that affects all levels of government.

Adam Smith Society Young Leaders and Professionals will receive a complementary copy of The Voltage Effect. Find out about our support levels here. The Adam Smith Society Readers’ Roundtable is a virtual quarterly book club exclusively for Adam Smith Society Young Leaders and Professionals who want to dive deeper into some of today’s most insightful and influential books on free market ideas and public policy.


John List Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, University of Chicago

Professor John List is the Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago. His research focuses on combining field experiments with economic theory to deepen our understanding of the economic science. List pioneered field experiments as a methodology for learning about behavioral principles that are shared across different domains. This has led to collaborative work with several different firms including: Lyft, Uber, United Airlines, Virgin Airlines, Humana, Sears, Kmart, Facebook, Google, General Motors, Tinder, Citadel, and several non- profits. List has published nearly 200 peer-reviewed research publications. List was elected a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2011, and a Fellow of the Econometric Society in 2015. List received the 2010 Kenneth Galbraith Award and 2008 Arrow Prize for Senior Economists for his research in behavioral economics in the field. List has served as a Senior Economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (2002-2004), and serves as an IZA Institute for the Study of Labor Research Fellow and RFF Resources for the Future University Fellow. https://voices.uchicago.edu/jlist/