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Daniel David Comparetto

Smith Soc Featured Member

Questions and Answers with Adam Smith Society Members.

Daniel David Comparetto | Indiana Kelley Chapter

DanielProverbial underdog. Led Marines in combat. Choreographed own modern dance performance. A free market capitalist in the sense of maximizing profit and building wealth while acting in a socially responsible manner. Proud of past success and failure, excited about the future. Embracing the ever-changing environment while always looking for an opportunity. Passionate about supporting others, proud to be a connector, & always eager to offer support, encouragement, or guidance.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

Formerly, my lead-in to a question like this one is that I have 9 tattoos from three different continents, but I have since learned to go a different route in the corporate world! On a serious note though, it would be that I am a proud father to two young champions and have the ultimate goal of making my children’s lives better than mine. This is a huge motivator for me and one that powers my professional pursuits.

You recently participated in our trek on Entrepreneurship. What was your biggest take away of the weekend?

Biggest takeaway = How did I make it onto the invitation list??? The candidate level intellectually and professionally was insane! But that was the best part really – I felt that I experienced the equivalent of an MBA quarter/semester over just a few days, whether that was through the formal conversations or the more informal one-off ones. It also reinforced the idea that we as a society and generation need to continue to embrace and support discussions like these. Who cares if we all disagree or agree. Just have an intelligent and respectful conversation, be open to new perspectives, and as necessary, change or reinforce your view/opinion going forward.

What singular experience during your time in the Marine Corps most shaped the way you view the world?

For me I think it all came down to reflecting on why was I “chosen” to come back (why am I still alive)? There were several instances that could have transpired differently, and I would not be here today. It sparked an awakening and I felt as if I had a 2nd chance at the “game” of life. Essentially, a different lens was created from which I view the world and life in general through – certainly a greater appreciation for many things but also a sense of urgency and purpose that I did not have before.

How did you go from a $13/hr factory job to angel investing and working as a consultant with Deloitte?

Just trying to make the “American Dream” an “American Reality” for my family and I. Really though, a whole combination of factors working together, and I am very fortunate to just be where I am today because of the all the help from and sacrifice of so many others. A couple of the factors that I believe have played a large part in it though: Being vulnerable, open to new and “scary” opportunities. Hustling (the good kind) like my life depended on it. Coffee. Taking calculated risks. Focusing on surrounding myself with champions and all-stars that are way above my level but are kind enough to let me observe, associate with, and learn from them. Dreaming then directly working on the doing part or what I need to put into place to get started. Embracing the fail early and often mindset.


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