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Jack Walsh

Smith Soc Featured Member

Questions and Answers with Adam Smith Society Members

Jack Walsh | NYU Stern Chapter

From the Washington, DC area, Jack Walsh attended Brown University, where he graduated with a degree in Urban Studies and was a college athlete in lacrosse. Prior to coming to Stern, he worked at startup technology companies in New York and Mountain View, CA. He received his MBA from Stern this spring and will be working this fall at Citigroup in their Technology Investment Banking group in New York..

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

I’ve worked as a private investigator. I had a license, got fingerprinted, the works. I was working for a law firm, investigating an insider trading case. It was really interesting…but I can’t tell you much more than that.

Tell us how you curate your intellectual diet.

I read financial news daily: the Wall Street Journal. The Financial Times. Honestly, I love the New York Post. The local news, the national news, the opinion pieces. You get snarky, interesting takes, as well as timely exclusives. It’s fun. I also subscribe to Dan Primack’s newsletter Pro Rata. It’s a great source of news at the intersection of technology and finance. 

You have just been given a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?

This summer, I’ve been interning at MI, working on the energy sector. And in my final semester at school I also did a deep dive on Tesla. I believe electric cars will take off someday, but I wonder how they will work in the middle of the country. My idea is to create an “Airbnb of charging stations.” Essentially, I’d devise a way for people to rent out their home’s garages to allow electric car owners to recharge. It would make electric cars a variable proposition in middle America.

Who’s your favorite founder or president?

Teddy Roosevelt. Although I’ve become interested in Calvin Coolidge lately. I heard an interview with Charles Koch, who said Coolidge was the last president he aligned with. This makes we want to learn more about him..

NASA is sending you to lead the colonization of a new planet. But you have to pack light. You can only take 3 books with you – one book on political and economic philosophy to help start the government, one business book to guide entrepreneurs, and one work of fiction to keep everyone entertained. What do you take and why?

To start the government, I’d bring Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville. For business advice, I’d bring Burton Malkiel, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, which is a classic. I think it would really help people as they started to create markets. For fiction…A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. It’s supposed to be a book for kids, but adults can read it and get something out of it, too.




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