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Matthew Maughan

Smith Soc Featured Member

Questions and Answers with Adam Smith Society Members

Matthew Maughan | Michigan Ross Chapter

A recent graduate of the Michigan Ross School of Business, Matthew Maughan is currently the Strategy Insights & Planning Consultant, ZS Associates International, Inc.

Tell us how you curate your intellectual diet.

In terms of news, RealClearPolitics is a great aggregation site. When it comes to fast breaking news, I have also begun to aggressively curate my Twitter account with journalists I trust to report accurately. I would say that Jake Tapper is the best objective, yet also relevant and up-to-date twitter to follow in terms of mainstream journalists. I also read the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the New York Times, and Politico

In addition to the editorial sections of some of the mainstream newspapers mentioned above, I also read left-leaning editorial publications, such as Slate, sporadically. I do think it’s important to challenge your ideological priors—even if it’s not always fun to eat your vegetables, it helps you refine your own viewpoints and anticipate objections from the other side of the aisle. In terms of books, I am currently reading All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren, and plan to read some European history for my upcoming trip to the UK and France, which will of course include Adam Smith’s grave site. 

Imagine you are given a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?

In his new book,The Vanishing American Adult, Senator Ben Sasse points out we are becoming less self-reliant as a society. For example, ignorance of basic home and automotive maintenance and repair is a problem for young adults today. For a 22-year old with 50k in student loans and a part time job, it might make sense to know how to change a tire rather than calling a professional. However, what if you have not yet acquired these skills in life? This is where my product comes in. There are many apps, such as TaskRabbit, that will hire someone to do the job for you...but what if there was a service that actually taught you to do it yourself?

Name something you’ve gained from your membership in the Adam Smith Society that you feel like you couldn’t have gotten from elsewhere in your MBA Program.

The Healthcare Trek in Napa was a great experience. The access to industry experts in such an informal relaxed small setting was fantastic, and the contributions of the Trek attendees were impressive. I also have to mention the hour the Michigan Ross chapter spent talking to Congressman Justin Amash. He is one of the most principled libertarians in the House of Representatives, and his willingness to lay bare the inner workings of national politics and his unvarnished opinion of them was fascinating.


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