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Luis Larrea

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Questions and Answers with Adam Smith Society Members. 

Luis Larrea | Washington University in St. Louis Olin Chapter

LarreaLuis Larrea serves as president of the Smith Soc Olin chapter. Prior to pursuing his MBA, Luis had a distinguished career as an attorney acting as an advisor to businesses addressing litigation and transactional issues. After completing his MBA, Luis is interested in pursuing a career in internal strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting.


What has been the most striking thing for you about moving from the legal profession to business school?

My experience has been that business school requires far more soft skills than when I worked in the legal profession. Much of my work has been considerably more collaborative and I have had to rely much more on soft skills such as social and emotion intelligence and communication. There are certainly many transferable skills from my legal career, but I have also had adapt and develop in new areas.

What has been the best Smith Soc event you've taken part in, either on your campus or a national event?

My favorite Smith Soc event thus far was the Leadership Retreat last summer. I really enjoyed meeting chapter leaders from other schools and learning about different programming through the Adam Smith Society. I also enjoyed the forum to build my chapter's game plan going into this year.

I do, however, want to point out that I am very excited about an upcoming event at my chapter. We are hosting a lunch-and-learn regarding the U.S.-China trade war with Olin professor Minyuan Zhao. Minyuan is a favorite professor at my school and my classmates and myself are very interested in the topic.

What interests you most about strategy?

I enjoy the many intricate layers that are involved in how a firm derives value and competitive advantage. It is interesting to learn how businesses can effectively develop structures, systems, and processes to manage the mix of a business effectively.

What's your favorite place you've traveled?

Last year, I went to Shanghai, China as part of my MBA program. In Shanghai, I took an operations management course and gained many insights regarding operations in China. I had the opportunity tour a Chinese factory and distribution center as well as gain great insights from a number of local guest speakers. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about another culture and to do so from a business perspective.


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