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The Work from Home Revolution: Employers, Employees, and a Global Pandemic


The Work from Home Revolution: Employers, Employees, and a Global Pandemic

Joel Kotkin, Jay Garner
Nov 18, 2020 6:30pm
Wednesday Nov 18
Wednesday Nov 18 2020
PAST EVENT Wednesday Nov 18 2020

The pandemic’s abrupt shift of a large percentage of the workforce to Work from Home raises many key questions for U.S. businesses and workers: Will Work from Home continue after the pandemic is under control? How has the pandemic accelerated innovations in technology and workplace systems? How should companies think about competing for talent? Are employees better positioned to force companies to compete for them in a remote world? Join the Smith Soc Professionals Network for a stimulating conversation with top experts who will weigh in on the future of remote work from the perspectives of both businesses and employees.


Joel Kotkin, an internationally recognized authority on global, economic, political, and social trends, is Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University and Executive Director of the Urban Reform Institute. He has completed studies on the future of several American cities—including New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, and St. Louis—as well as international cities like London, Mumbai, and Mexico City. Other areas of research include Texas urbanism, the future of localism, the changing role of transit in America, and, most recently, California’s lurch toward feudalism. Mr. Kotkin is the author of many books, the most recent of which are The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class and The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us. He is also co-editor (with Alan Berger) of Infinite Suburbia. Mr. Kotkin is the Executive Editor of the website and a regular contributor to City Journal, The Daily Beast, Quillette, American Affairs, and Real Clear Politics.

KotkinJay Garner is president and founder of Garner Economics, LLC, an economic development and site location consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Ga, that assists clients throughout the world. He often lectures and provides counsel on creating and implementing proactive global business development strategies and tactics. Mr. Garner is a founding member and current chair of the Site Selectors Guild; coauthor of Economic Development Is Not For Amateurs!, a book for community leaders; and an instructor in international prospecting at the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma. He has led over 25 trade and business development missions on four continents. Mr. Garner previously served as CEO of the Asheville, NC, Chamber of Commerce, and as chairman for the International Economic Development Council.





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