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2021 National Meeting: Capitalism and Its Challenges

Monday June 2021
Host National Meeting

“Capitalism and Its Challenges”

Day Two: June 8, 2021

Day Three: June 9, 2021


At the intersection of economics, business, and public policy—that’s where you’ll find yourself at the Adam Smith Society. National Meeting 2021 brings together prominent executives, thought leaders, and academics to address some of the most pressing issues facing free-market capitalism today—from cronyism, to inequality, to woke capitalism—and much more.

Speakers & Breakouts

Condoleezza Rice, Ph.D., Director, Hoover Institution and 66th U.S. Secretary of State

Jeff Yass, Founding Partner, Susquehanna International Group (Principled Leadership Award recipient)

Reihan Salam, President, Manhattan Institute

Marilyn Fedak, Co-Founder, Adam Smith Society

Vivek Ramaswamy, Founder & Executive Chairman, Roivant Sciences

Luigi Zingales, Ph.D., Professor, Chicago Booth

Jason Riley, Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Kevin Murphy, Ph.D., Professor, Booth School of Business

Allison Schrager, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Jim Copland, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Erika Karp, Chief Impact Officer, Pathstone

Breakout Sessions

  • Adam Smith Seminar with Professor Maria Paganelli, Ph.D., Professor James Otteson, Ph.D.
  • Get Published! Op-ed Writing with Brian Anderson, Ph.D., City Journal
  • Executive Meet & Greet: Tech with Konstantine Buhler, Sequoia Capital
  • Free Market Solutions to Climate and Energy with James Larocque, Carlyle Group
  • Executive Meet & Greet: Healthcare with Vivek Ramaswamy, Roivant Sciences
  • Executive Meet & Greet: Finance/Energy with Jessica Ogbonnaya, Centerview Partners
  • Free Market Solutions to Healthcare with Sally Pipes, Pacific Research Institute
  • Executive Meet & Greet: Consulting with David Javdan, Alvarez & Marsal