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Finance and Capitalism During Crisis: From 2008 to Today


Finance and Capitalism During Crisis: From 2008 to Today

Warren Stephens
Nov 5, 2020 2:00pm
Thu Nov 5
Thu Nov 5 2020
PAST EVENT Thu Nov 5 2020

For professional members, Industry Connect presents free-market perspectives on pressing issues affecting key industries today, featuring dynamic conversations with top business leaders and policy experts from health care to finance, and technology to energy.

Stephens Inc., under the leadership of its Chairman, President, and CEO Warren Stephens, stands out for its strong growth over several decades and successful navigation of the 2008 financial crisis. During his tenure, Warren Stephens has been an outspoken proponent of greater competition and innovation in the financial industry. Recognizing the important connection between capitalism and the American Dream, Stephens also devotes his philanthropy to explaining and celebrating the role free enterprise plays in spurring innovation, lifting people out of poverty, creating jobs, and stabilizing communities. Join us for this Industry Connect event to see how a financial titan understands today’s recession as compared to the 2008 crisis, the role the financial industry plays in accelerating the economic recovery, and the importance of the free market system even as it faces new challenges today.

Register to attend on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 2:00pm EST or email with any questions.   


  • Warren Stephens, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Stephens Inc.



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